Your practice at home 

Move at home with Salty Zone. From my  living room to your mat. Yoga, Functional Training and Meditation - made special for special times and special people.

Just like you!


Flow, breathe and feel the energy.


HIIT, Strength and Bodyweight Training.


Calm down, clear your mind and sleep better.


Learn to make more out of your life. It's a good time to reset and go on.

 find what moves you 


Create your perfect practice

Choose your Zones, find your structure with your practice. The online classes will only held now as personal training, focussing just on your needs.


I will empower you to grow in your practice, connect with yourself, breathe deeply and achieve your goals.

practice at home


Join the Salty Zone from home and get the unique chance of an unlimited experience of flows, yoga, functional training and meditation.