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Your upgrade for a fulfilled life full of lightness, good vibes and time for you!

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Living it up 2021 Vol. 2

Living it up is a 4-week coaching session  Online program that helps you to create a better quality of life through personal development. That means more time for things that you do with your heart, to get your energy flowing again and to show you the way to trust and freedom.

The first round had already started in January and thanks to the great demand, we're going into the second round in March.

Secure your place and be part of Living it Up Vol. 2!

March 13 - April 4, 2021

Is this program for me?

Probably the most important question! To make the answer a little easier for you, I will briefly describe 5 topics with which Living it up will help you.  Look in here.

01 /

 Endless loop between working, eating, sleeping

Not much is going on between your work and the activities that help keep your life together. You work, eat something and you’re ready  is it really late again? Time to sleep and tomorrow it’s all over again - yay ?!

02 /

Others can - but I can't

You see with others how it works to live a happy and fulfilling life, but that would never happen to you yourself. You have to be lucky for that! Or money! Or both!

03 /

And anyway - who am I ?! What I want?!

You are not really happy in your life and when you rewind something you realize that you have adapted to the circumstances. Abandoned, bottle empty. Old patterns, different opinions, expectations from other people. Where is there still room for who you really are? Do you still know who your I is?

04 /

Maybe in another life

You put off things that are actually important to you. Things that can be life-changing but also require a closer look. But inside you know that these things are good for you and would help you further. Need a pinch of courage?

05 /

Thousands of beginnings and yet no changes

You have struggled to change something a few times. Checked out podcasts, books, seminars and yet nothing got stuck? You actually know the way, but when everyday life comes you fall into old behavioral patterns.










So that you can align yourself perfectly internally for the New You, we will first conclude the experience.

You will process and reflect on the findings of your previous career so that you can untie your knots or obstacles for the future.

And then ... start dreaming!

In order to see clearly, chaos sometimes has to arise first. I consciously accompany you into your chaos.

In this way you can approach your difficult issues in a protected setting, process them and then consciously detach yourself from them.
Life is easier without unnecessary or even unconscious obstacles.

Where the magic happens!

Now you know your stumbling blocks. But what are your heart's desires? Where do you want to go? And more importantly - how do you want to feel?

In this module you deal with your future self and shape your own 2021 according to your heart's desires.

High time to apply what you learned in the last modules. You learn to use your higher self mindset to shape your life the way your heart wants it to be. So that you can keep these new habits, I'll show you how you can integrate powerful tools into your everyday life. Et voilà - you are ready to actually achieve your heart's desires.

True to the motto:
Living it up!


Secure your place & make something out of 2021

In Living it Up 2021 you can expect


Personal coaching inputs & tools

You will receive my best coaching tools , exercises and inputs for each individual module from me in the weekly online LIVE coaching sessions. These should support you in the process from the reflection to the implementation of your heart's desires in 2021 .

In the last week I will send you a workbook of all the topics and tools that we have worked on, which, by the way, is available to you for life.

So you can access and reuse this content regardless of time and place.

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

During Living it up 2021, we will not only deal with our mindset, but also pursue a holistic approach . This means that we not only work with our consciousness but also a lot with our subconscious.

Thanks to weekly yoga and meditation sessions , we can go even deeper and consolidate what we have learned. We start or end our coaching sessions with a suitable meditation and in the middle of the week you are invited to participate in a yoga session that is specially designed for the topics of the modules and to be in the flow.

The sessions are suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Support to build your mind and hearts set

As a coach, I will accompany you in building and living a powerful mind and heart set. Learn to create your own tools for your everyday life to bring your life energy to a higher level. Living it up 2021 is designed in such a way that the things you learn persist in your life with ease. Forget New Years resolutions and focus on your flow!

Workbook & Journal

A workbook that grows every week gives you all the information that you can access at any time. In the Starter Guide you will find all the details to prepare yourself so that you can concentrate on the online coaching program. In addition, I will send you a handmade journal in which you can record and reflect on all your important thoughts, ideas, heartfelt desires, etc. You don't need a journaling routine for this and you don't have to be the scribe. You design your journal the way you like it. 

Heart people in the community & buddy system

Certain things fall  easier when they can be shared with someone. If you find yourself on this page, you are definitely a person of the heart and fit perfectly into the Salty Zone community . In this community you will find like-minded people who are also interested in their personal development and who want to live according to the motto Living it up.

Thanks to the buddy system, you can  if necessary, exchange ideas a little deeper, connect, motivate, support and inspire.

This not only helps you to strengthen the positive life energy but can also lead to wonderful contacts and friendships.

are you ready to take your 2021 to the next level?

Then register now for Living it Up 2021!

“Living it up was a valuable start into the new year for me. The course is so diverse and combines coaching, meditation and yoga with humanity and feelings of happiness. The documents and Debby's words are beautiful and will be with me all year round. " 


-  Corinne



March 13 - April 4, 2021

That includes your living  it up 2021 package:

Date of Expiry:


- 4 week coaching program

- 1 workbook with your personal coaching toolkit

- 1 journal for all your thoughts and notes

- Access to the coaching member area

- Exclusive access to the Salty Zone Community

- Personal inputs via voice messages

- Recordings of the coaching sessions

- Lifelong access to all content + downloads

- Salty Zone Secrets ... like additional meditations, yoga flows, other exercises and a few little secrets



Something in you may find "Yes, I'm something!"

But I also know that another part of you has some questions or doubts right now - so let me give you some answers, okay? 

are you ready to take your 2021 to the next level?

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