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As a certified sound therapist and yoga instructor, I blend dynamic yoga practices with the healing power of sound. With a background in psychology and a Master's degree, I offer personalized sessions focused on relaxation and self-discovery. Join me on a journey of authenticity, warmth, and quality.

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Get to know, study and share the energy of sound. In the 3-day sound training (small group seminar max. 6 people) you will learn to deepen your knowledge of sounds, frequencies and various instruments and expand your practice.

The sound healing training was very instructive, beneficial and always varied. In addition to the theoretical blocks, we also did a lot of practical work. This meant that everything learned could be wonderfully deepened. I was able to take a lot with me and it helped me advance in various areas. I had a lot of fun learning from Deborah and taking and integrating a lot of new things into my private everyday life as well as into my job as a natural beautician. The training is very versatile and professionally structured. Simply great and highly recommended.

- Lilian K.

Find your flow, breathe consciously and feel the energy flow.

Relax, clear your head and sleep better.

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Get to know, study and share the energy of sound.

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Give yourself the gift of a break with a private soul session. I respond to you, your energy and your needs and meet you where it helps you most. You can immerse yourself in the frequencies of the sounds, the cleansing scents and let yourself fall until you reach total relaxation.


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