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Those around me like to describe me as a "feel-good girl". And I have to admit that I'm still looking for that little something extra in everything, that I want to bring in balance, that I want to make moments unforgettable and that I want to have a good time all round. Because from these moments I recharge my batteries to tackle new things, to live life really consciously.

doTERRA essential oils  immediately captivated me. I was allowed to discover them in a yoga class and suddenly they kept popping up in my field. I don't believe in coincidences and so I made my first order, of course I couldn't just decide on one oil, no, I ordered the Home Essential Kit straight away - and off we went. I spent hours smelling and intuitively using different oils, read one book after the other, listened to podcasts about the oils and am able to talk more and more about the oils with beautiful people of my heart.

You're probably wondering how I use the oils? I should probably write a blog post about that, I'll keep it short here: I use the Yoga Kit in my yoga classes, whole combinations in Symphony of the Cells treatments , Balance is used in the diffuser for a balanced atmosphere, Lemon refreshes my drinking water, Peppermint & Wild Orange transform the shower into a wellness oasis and and and...

salty zone doterra öle


​ My recommendation to you is to start with a kit because you can save 25% - 55% than if you order oils individually. Then I strongly recommend that you try out all the oils, smell them, let them work on you and use them intuitively. The ten oils in the medicine chest can be used in so many different areas of life and increase your quality of life. 
The oils are delivered straight to your home and you can order at your discretion, so you have no obligation to make a monthly order.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time. You will also become part of a wonderful community full of conscious and intuitive people who will be happy to help you quickly with a wide variety of topics. Feel free to drop by Intuitionbuddy .

Strengthen your intuition, connect with yourself and the perfect oil will show itself to you.

The Salty Zone Yoga events, the podcast and the impressions would not be the same without the dreamy partners by your side. Thank you very much!


  1. Choose your language and country

  2. First of all, choose an advantage customer

  3. Fill out the form completely

  4. For Enroller ID, make sure that number  11781318 is entered, choose your password and click on continue.

  5. Select the kit you want to order. I recommend the "Home Essentials Kit" because you are well taken care of and also have a diffuser with you. However, if you want individual oils or other products, make sure you have selected the doTERRA Essentials Booklet + Enrollment Fee (German). With my first order I also ordered the “Fractionated Coconut Oil” so that the oils can be diluted and applied to the body. For internal use you need the so-called “Veggie Caps”.

  6. Choose your payment method (here I can recommend a credit card so that it gets to you faster) and off you go!

As soon as you have registered, you will receive a welcome email from me and you will be included in our doTERRA group. We are really looking forward to seeing you!



What gives me even more pleasure than using the oils for myself in my everyday life is to share the oils with people like you.


Symphony of the Cells  is a type of aromatherapy in which the essential oils are massaged along the spine and foot reflex zones.


I am happy to share my experiences and knowledge about essential oils with you and your friends. For this I organize a circle if there is general interest, this can also be combined with a yoga class, meditation or a cocoa ceremony. You can just contact me!

Essential Circle
Essential Circle
Mar 16, 2022, 7:00 PM
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