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salty  zone yoga


Salty Zone stands for dynamics between workout, flow, meditation and intention.

We switch to different zones, Salty Zone stands for the training where you can give everything and also work up a sweat. Flow Zone stands for yoga and flows, let your breath flow and feel the energy. Breath Zone stands for meditation, we focus on our breath and unravel your monkey mind. Sound Zone goes one step deeper. With the sounds of crystal singing bowls we can achieve a deeply relaxed state that allows us to work even with our subconscious.

From this holistic approach, you can pick what you need and what is good for you. I would like to share the energy that we can draw from this practice with you and encourage you to take this with you into your everyday life and to share the joy of life!


With a profound expertise in sound healing and a deeply rooted  understanding of holistic wellness, I welcome you to my world of sound and movement. My core values of authenticity, warmth, and quality form the cornerstone of my work. My unique teaching style is characterized by personal attention, carefully nurturing the journey of each individual. Join me on a transformative sound healing journey, expand your practice, and discover the enchanting power of sound.

Deborah is a certified sound therapist and yoga instructor based in Zurich, specializing in sound therapy, sound baths, and fluid Vinyasa yoga to deeply relaxing Yin yoga.

Her yoga style is dynamic, playful, and balanced. With her calm voice and the popular music and sounds tailored to the sessions, she creates unforgettable moments of calm, strength, and relaxation.

Her background in the tourism industry helps her understand the desires and needs of her clients better and fulfill them in the field of holistic wellness and hospitality. She has organized many retreats with yoga and sound healing and understands the importance of authenticity, warmth, and high quality in this field.

Her teaching style is very personal and unique. She addresses each person and their soul individually and works holistically and mindfully. Every soul is different, but everyone needs rest, mindfulness, and love at some point to recalibrate, pause, draw hope for the future, recharge, and find new strength. This is what she integrates into her sessions. Her studies in psychology and life counseling, including a Master's degree, aid her in better understanding people and their thoughts and behavioral patterns.

"A special highlight in my journey was the moment during a yoga festival by the lakeside when I held a sound healing session for over 70 people. It was fascinating to watch as people trusted me in an open space and allowed themselves to be led into the world of deep listening and relaxation. Not only did the participants find peace, but also passersby who stopped and found a connection to themselves in this moment of listening and silence."

200h RYS Vinyasa TT

Sound healingI + II

Sound healing for Bodywork

Sound healing Layouts

Inner dance Facilitator

Breath workInstructor 40h

Symphony of the Cells I + II

Clinical Aromatherapy

Polarity Therapy (i. ed.)
MAS in Applied Psychology & Coaching

deborah selinger yoga salty zone

Lightness & Authenticity. This is lived in my classes. Yoga can be fun too!

Find your flow, breathe consciously and feel the energy flow.

Relax, clear your head and sleep better.

It's time to reset and learn to get more out of your life.


Sessions with Deborah are not run-of-the-mill yoga classes. It's a special space created every time, it's my go-to quality time.


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